[NDHU] 2016 Chinese Summer Camps

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Program Description:Two Chinese programs will last for 2 and 4 weeks respectively. On average, each student will have 15 hours of Chinese class per week.During the remaining time, there will be a wide range of activities including field trips, cultural, and outdoor activities:1.Cultural Activities: Chinese calligraphy, seal carving, plant dyeing, and paper cutting….2.Outdoor Activities: Canoeing, rafting, and indigenous dance….3.Other Attractions: Visiting Taipei 101 and historical sites of eastern Taiwan, tasting Taiwanese snacks at night markets, appreciating the Taiwanese cultural artifacts at “National Center for Traditional Arts” and “National Palace Museum”….4.Field Trips: Whale watching and eco-tour at Taroko National Park….Prospective Learners Are: All foreign students aged over 16 are welcomed.Academic Calendar2-week Program(Choose one session to register)4-week Program01/07/2016~14/07/201621/07/2016~03/08/201610/08/2016~23/08/201628/08/2016~10/09/201606/06/2016~03/07/201609/07/2016~05/08/201613/08/2016~09/09/2016Tuition & Fees《Discount: Registering before 01/03/2016 can get 5% fees waived.》US$1,200 per personUS$1,700 per person