[NTNU] 2020 My Chinese at Its Best

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2020 My Chinese at Its Best

Ø  Date: April 10th, 2020 (Friday) 13:00-18:00 PM (If there are too many team entries, we will move the preliminary competition to April 9th.)

Ø  Location: R504

Ø  Qualification: MTC students (excluding overseas Chinese students) are priority applicants. If there are less than 4 teams that are formed from MTC students, we will open up the competition to NTNU foreign student applicants who are also interested in signing up.

Ø  Registration Deadline: now March 23th. Please sign up in R709.

Ø  Competition Formats:

1.    Three Proficiency levels:  Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advance

2.     Team competition (a team of 3 players.) Two rounds of competition (Qualifying Rounds and Finals).

3.     Contest questions for beginner, intermediate, or advance levels will include vocabulary, pronunciation, culture, and other related subjects. The team who rings the bell first and answers the question first will be given a point. The team with the highest score wins. Each question is worth different points based on its difficulty.   If there is a tie between teams, the competition will enter a “sudden death” tie breaker round.

4.     Maximum of 12 teams for each level. If less than 4 teams enter in one level, the level’s competition would not be held.

If 4~6 teams enter the competition, only one round of competition will be held. Top 2 teams win the competition.

If 7-12 teams enter the competition, top 6 teams in the Qualifying Round are moved on to the Finals. Top 3 teams in the Finals win the competition.

 Competition schedule and number of teams qualifying for the Finals may be adjusted at the discretion of the host of the competitions.

Ø  Prizes:

    Prizes for Winning Teams at Beginner, Intermediate or Advance Level :

      1st Place: 7,000 NTD and an award certificate

      2nd Place: 6,000 NTD and an award certificate

      3rd Place: 5,000 NTD and an award certificate



1.Deposit: NT$300 (will be returned upon attending)

2.Participants failing to attend any round of the competitions will be eliminated.

3.The cash prizes listed above will be taxed 20%according to tax regulations for foreigners in Taiwan

4.2 hour’ supplementary hours are given to students who enter the contests. All MTC students are welcome to join.

5.1 hours’ supplementary hours are given to students who watch the competition. Welcome to cheer for the contestants.

6.In order to encourage new students to compete, the 1st and 2nd place winners of the 2018 “My Chinese at Its Best” Competition cannot enter the game.