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[Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall] 2017 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking

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Objective The competition is held on Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s birthday (November 12th) to commemorate his remarkable achievements, to motivate the student’s recognition of ‘Sunology (Dr.Sun’s theory and beliefs), the Chinese culture, and Chinese culture. Contestants Qualification for entry into the competition requires foreign students to be enrolled in a Taiwanese educational institution. The contestant needs to be at least 18 years of age, and does not hold R.O.C nationality. Eligibility In order to encourage new applicants, any prize winners (1st prize through to 4th prize) from the 2015 competition are not eligible…read…read more


[USC] O.C.A.C Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth 2017

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2017 O.C.A.C. 2nd Term Language Study Program specially designed for the age group of 18th to 24th years old young adults. University of Shih Chien (USC), the world’s renowned design institution is honored to organize this year’s program. USC is conveniently located in Taipei Center. International Affairs Chinese Language Center excels in an array of summer camps and event design. During O.C.A.C’s Study Program, the curriculum are instructed by USC and Ministry of Education certified Chinese Language Center instructors. The program content is organized according to student’s Chinese level. For this…read…read more


[NKNU] 2017 Mandarin Summer camp on promotion

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2017 Mandarin Summer Camp for Kids & Youths (1st ~3rd section)We provide the intensive and active mandarin courses for kids to learn and to build up the comprehensive & fundamental skill to use Mandarin.For KidsFirst sectionDate: 2017/06/05   2017/06/23Time: Mon~Fri 13:30~16:30Second sectionDate: 2017/07/03   2017/07/21Time: Mon~Fri 13:30~16:30Third sectionDate: 2017/07/31   2017/08/18Time: Mon~Fri 13:30~16:30For YouthsFirst sectionDate: 2017/06/05   2017/06/23Time: Mon~Fri 9:00~15:30 (12:00~13:30 Lunchtime)Second sectionDate: 2017/07/03   2017/07/21Time: Mon~Fri 9:00~15:30 (12:00~13:30 Lunchtime)Third sectionDate: 2017/07/31   2017/08/18Time: Mon~Fri 9:00~15:30 (12:00~13:30 Lunchtime)