[NKNU] 2017 Mandarin Summer camp on promotion

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2017 Mandarin Summer Camp for Kids & Youths (1st ~3rd section)We provide the intensive and active mandarin courses for kids to learn and to build up the comprehensive & fundamental skill to use Mandarin.For KidsFirst sectionDate: 2017/06/05   2017/06/23Time: Mon~Fri 13:30~16:30Second sectionDate: 2017/07/03   2017/07/21Time: Mon~Fri 13:30~16:30Third sectionDate: 2017/07/31   2017/08/18Time: Mon~Fri 13:30~16:30For YouthsFirst sectionDate: 2017/06/05   2017/06/23Time: Mon~Fri 9:00~15:30 (12:00~13:30 Lunchtime)Second sectionDate: 2017/07/03   2017/07/21Time: Mon~Fri 9:00~15:30 (12:00~13:30 Lunchtime)Third sectionDate: 2017/07/31   2017/08/18Time: Mon~Fri 9:00~15:30 (12:00~13:30 Lunchtime)