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[Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall] 2016 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition

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ObjectiveThe competition is held on Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s birthday (November 12th) to commemorate his remarkable achievements, to motivate the student’s recognition of ‘Sunology (Dr.Sun’s theory and beliefs), the Chinese culture, and Chinese culture.ContestantsQualification for entry into the competition requires foreign students to be enrolled in a Taiwanese educational institution. The contestant needs to be at least 18 years of age, and does not hold R.O.C nationality.EligibilityIn order to encourage new applicants, any prize winners (1st prize through to 4th prize) from the 2015 competition are not eligible to apply.Any group applications are…read…read more


[NCYU] Beginner Class – Language Course 2016

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Course Syllabus: Listening and SpeakingCourse TitleChinese Listening and Speaking for Beginner LevelCourse MaterialsFar East Everyday Chinese IMultimedia materials:Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Chinese Words. (OCAC)Fun With Chinese Learning (OCAC)Rice Culture in Taiwan (Taiwan Panorama Ltd)HandoutPre-requisiteNoneObjectivesCommunicationBecome familiar with the pinyin system, and proper Chinese pronunciation.Learn helpful Chinese words and phrases for shopping and asking prices.Learn common telephone conversation phrases.Be able to give effective directions.Be able to describe object placement.Learn vocabulary to describe and rent an apartment or house in Taiwan.Learn to order dishes in a restaurant, and understand the waiter’s questions.GrammarLearn…read more


[QCEF] 2016 Global Culture Ambassador & Statesperson

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INTRODUCTIONGlobal Culture Ambassador is a competition held by the Quanta Culture and Education Foundation (QCEF) to encourage foreign college students taking on roles as culture ambassadors in Taiwan. By going to one of the 13 primary or secondary schools located around Taiwan, candidates are given the opportunity to develop practical Mandarin skills, grow an in-depth understanding of Taiwanese culture and share their own culture while teachers and students in Taiwan obtain the acknowledgement of their own community value and opportunity for exchanging a globally co-existing point of view.PARTNER SCHOOLSPartner schools…read…read more