[NTCU] Chinese Language Programs 2016 – 2017

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The Chinese Language Center offers three independent course types to fit the varying needs of students. Consider your personal preferences and time commitments when selecting the best course variation.

Students with stringent schedules will find the flexible class times of the 1-to-1 Tutorial Program to be to their liking. Consisting of 30 instruction hours, students are given the opportunity to frame the course around pre-existing schedules.

Those interested in a short-term course within a classroom setting would be best directed to the Short-Term Program. Two-hour classes, comprising 2-5 students, are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. As with the Tutorial Program, 30 instruction hours are included.

The Quarter Program represents the most immersive Chinese language option. Three-hour classes are held Monday-Friday. Composed of five ascending course levels, the Quarter Program offers students the opportunity to fully engage in their Chinese language education. A total of 180 hours over three months make up the class time for each level. Unrivaled course time make the Quarter Program the best option for optimal instruction.

Chinese Language ProgramsClass TimeNo. of StudentsTuition

1 on 1 Tutorial Program

(30 hours)

*Suitable for self-travelers or people requiring intensive training in specific aspect

Flexible1NT$ 13,600

Short Term Program

(30 hours)

*Suitable for friends or co-workers to study together


*2 students (or above) register for the program together, shall the center open the course.

2-5NT$ 8,600

Quarter Program

(180 hours/3months)

*Suitable for people requiring everyday training and applying for visa

Monday to Friday

3 hours per day

5-12NT$ 24,000


IntroductoryStudents study tones, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary in Chinese and focus on practical, daily conversations and communication patterns.
BasicStudents enhance their speaking and lexicon ability and master the stroke orders in Chinese characters by learning intermediate grammar, syntax, and oral communication.
IntermediateStudents emphasize the understanding and application of Chinese sentences and vocabulary by studying more complex sentence patterns, articles, and conversations.
AdvancedStudents integrate grammar, syntax and sentence structure by increasing the depth and width of the learning materials.
SuperiorStudents further upgrade their listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency by conducting case studies and topic-based discussions with different styles of articles.


ProgramsClass Duration

1 on 1 Tutorial Program

Short Term Program

2-3 months
Quarter Program-Springthe end of February to May
Quarter Program-SummerJune to August
Quarter Program-FallSeptember to November
Quarter Program-WinterDecember to February