[Wenzao] 2017 Chinese Teacher’s Training Program in Autumn

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Purpose: To provide the Chinese teacher's training program to people who are interested in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Who can register this program?

  1. People who are graduated from junior college or university.
  2. People who are going to be graduated from junior college or university.
  3. People who are in the third year or above in a university.

Date: September 23 ~ December2, 2017 (September 23,24, October 1,21,22,28,29, November 4,5,11,12,18,19,25,26, December 2)

Time: 9:10 am ~ 16:20 pm, every Saturday and Sunday

Classroom: In Wenzao University (It will be announced by email before the program starts.)

No. of students: 25~30


  1. Original price: NT$18,600/per person
  2. Price after Early-bird discount (before Mar 14): NT$15,810/per person
  3. Wenzao Alumni, students and staffs will have 5% off on the price after early-bird discount if the tuition is paid before Sep. 14. The price is NT$15,020/per person.
  4. After Sep. 15, the tuition will be the original price. If 2 people pay at the same time, there will be a 10% off on the original price, which is NT$16,740/per person.

Refunds: If the student cannot attend the course due to a serious illness or a sudden accident, CLC shall refund 50%, if cancellation is applied on 30th Sep. ahead.

Regulations of Leave:

  1. Those who submit official documents for the leave of absence are allowed to make an appointment for DVD remedial courses. The number of hours after completion of remedial courses may be included in the number of attendance hours. Those who have not been approved to take leave of absence nor without make-up record shall be deemed to be absent. Absentee shall take making up DVD-class in the office hour of Wenzao.
  2. Those who have been absent for more than 30 hours are not allowed to take the written examination. Those who do not have written test results will not be issued a certificate and may apply for proof of actual hours.
  3. There will be no missed classes and remedial courses in the course of assessment and evaluation of the course, such as "Practice and Evaluation of the beginning Course", "Exercises and Commentary of Intermediate and Advanced Courses" and "Written Final Examination ".