[NTU] 2017 Photography and Video Contest

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[Theme]Anything related to Chinese learning or CLD, such as Charming CLD, I Love Chinese
[Entry Period]Starting from now on till 2017/10/18 (Wed.)
[Entry qualification]CLD students enrolled in 2017 fall course
[Instructions]Entries shall satisfy the theme and following requirements and shall not break social codes and ethics.

  1. Photography
    • Qualification criteria:
      1. At least 8MP pixels or 3264(W) x 2448(H) pixels
      2. JPG or TIFF file
      3. Both colorful and monochrome images are accepted
      4. Images shall not be edited/retouched by software or other means.
      5. Every entrant is allowed to submit 3 photos at most
    • Documents needed:
      1. Please have the digital image(s) printed into 8x12 print size.
      2. Please save the photo(s) to a CD or DVD.
      3. Please complete Attachment-1: the Entry Form and the Assignment of Copyright. Each entry shall be submitted with one application form and one agreement.
  2. Video
    • Qualification criteria:
      1. Video length within 3 minutes
      2. Less than 1024MB in size
      3. HD video delivered in 16:9 full frame, 1920(W)×1080(H) pixels
      4. MOV, MP4 or WMV file limited
      5. Photo slideshow is not accepted.
    • Documents needed:
      1. Please save the video to a DVD and make sure it can be displayed by a DVD player without special/extra settings.
      2. Please complete Attachment-1: the Entry Form and the Assignment of Copyright.Each entry shall be submitted with one application form and one agreement.

[Judging Criteria]Appropriateness to Theme (40%), Creativity (30%), Composition (30%)

  1. Photography
    • First place: NTD8,000; second place: NTD6,000; third place: NTD5,000
    • Honorable prize for 3 entries: NTD3,000 per entry
    • Most Popular Entry (selected by CLD students) for 1 entry: NTD2,000
      [The Most Popular Entry vote is open from 10/23 (Mon.) to 10/27 (Fri.) at the CLD.]
  2. Video
    • First place: NTD16,000; second place: NTD14,000; third place: NTD12,000
    • Honorable prize for 3 entries: NTD6,000 per entry
  3. Souvenir for attendants of the Most Popular Entry vote We will randomly pick 3 attendants voting for the audience award for a souvenir.

[Notification to Winters]The awarding list will be announced on our website and Facebook on November 2nd, 2017. The awarding ceremony will be held on November 3rd, 2017.
[Terms And Conditions]

  1. By submitting an entry to the contest, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by these rules and CLD’s collecting, using and dealing with your personal information.
  2. Each entry must be the original work of the entrant, which the entrant holds all applicable rights, and must not infringe the rights of any other party (including copyrights, personality rights and privacy right of the people or intellectual property depicted therein—the entrants shall have received the prior permission of the right holder). Entrants are fully responsible for any legal issues arising from their works.
  3. For photography, each entrant is allowed to submit 3 entries, which can be saved to one CD/DVD. However, one entrant is eligible to win a maximum of one award in the first, second or third places. One entry shall be submitted along with one Entry Form.
  4. Once submitted, entries will not be returned to entrants under any circumstances (whether qualified/awarded or not), even if they are later withdrawn. Please keep a copy or think twice before submission.
  5. Entries shall not be formerly exhibited or awarded (displaying on personal website, blog, Facebook is accepted).
  6. Entrants shall respect the CLD’s judgement and decision, which is not negotiable. Once the result is announced, the entrants who are awarded cannot require to withdraw.
  7. Entrants are responsible to guarantee that all the information submitted is true and correct. Their entries shall not infringe/damage the right s of any third party (including copyrights, intellectual property rights and related laws and rules). Entries verified untrue or violating contest rules will be disqualified and all their awards (including money, prizes, certificates, etc.) will be withdrawn and returned to the CLD. And the entrants shall take full responsibility thereby incurred.
  8. The original file of every awarded entry shall be submitted. Entrants who reject to submit the original files may be disqualified from the awards.
  9. The CLD has eternal rights to use the awarded entries, and the entrants shall not disagree. The CLD has the rights to display the awarded entries on website, publishers and brochures/leaflets, reproduce, broadcast, and exhibit without limits of time, times , methods/ways, etc. The entrants shall sign the Assignment of Copyright without extra payment.
  10. Details related to awarding ceremony will be notified additionally.
  11. The prizes (money) will be taxed according to the tax law of Republic of China.
  12. By submitting an entry to the contest, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by these rules. The CLD reserves the right of explaining, revising, adding the qualification criteria, related rules/conditions, prizes and concerning items not expressly stated in these rules.